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STUC unanimously passes Nautilus P&O Ferries emergency motion

28 April 2022

The Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) has unanimously passed an emergency motion put forward by Nautilus International, pledging its ongoing support to the Union's fight for a fair ferries sector.

The Emergency Motion on P&O Ferries thanks fellow unions for their strong support so far. It asks them to continue their support for the unlawfully dismissed P&O Ferries seafarers; to assist in the ongoing campaign activities of Nautilus to secure justice for members through action against the company's CEO and other directors; to campaign to make lasting changes to the employment rights of seafarers, as well as continue their work in defence of broader employment rights and protections for all workers in Scotland; and to demand quality local employment opportunities for all maritime professionals in the ferry sector.

'I wish to place on record our thanks to the STUC for their assistance,' said Nautilus head of industrial Micky Smyth. 'In a nutshell, we need to change employment law to ensure that this despicable act never ever occurs again either at sea or ashore.'

Nautilus also seconded emergency resolution EM5 – Seafarers and the National Minimum Wage (NMW). This condemns a statement made by the UK government on 21 April that the national minimum wage cannot be applied to all seafarers working in the offshore renewables sector on the UK continental shelf.

'Congress is shocked by this betrayal of seafarers, trade unions, fair work and the concept of a just transition for maritime workers in the supply chain for Scotland's offshore wind and other renewable energy sectors,' the resolution states.

'Congress commits to campaign for the living wage to be the wage floor for all seafarers working on any ship servicing offshore renewable energy installations up to and beyond the 12 nautical mile limit from the Scottish coastline.'


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