Creating change

Nautilus works with members, the maritime community, national governments and international agencies to create change, which improves the lives of maritime professionals.


Nautilus International's members are the lifeblood of its membership. As a democratic Union, we encourage you to have your say and help us give seafarers and inland waterway workers a national and international voice.

Branch conference

You don't have to wait for a General Meeting to get active in your Union. Each constituent nation of Nautilus International has its own policy-making forum known as the Branch Conference.

Nautilus forums

Have you struggled to make your voice heard about specific challenges you face at work? Does your standard issue clothing fit poorly, are you concerned about safety in enclosed spaces, or are you critical of inadequate regulations?

Council and general secretary elections

Many Nautilus members find that they enjoy participating in Union work as a lay representative or by attending forums and conferences, and then want to take things further by standing for election to Council.

Lay representatives

If fairness at work is important to you, why not become more active in your Union as a Nautilus lay representative? You'll get the chance to speak up for yourself and the rights of your colleagues – talking directly to the people who count at your company.

General meetings

The Union is only as strong, effective and powerful as the members who participate in its operation and activities.

Take our regular surveys

Your participation in our regular specialist maritime surveys is essential to our work giving voice to the needs and wishes of our seafaring community.

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