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Nautilus reports

P&O Ferries safety briefing

Nautilus safety briefing on P&O Ferries: In a safety critical industry such as shipping, the importance of a competent, well trained, experienced crew cannot be overstated.

Nautilus reports

Nautilus social conditions report

The Nautilus International Social Conditions Survey Report – the latest instalment of a decades-long research project to measure how our members are being treated in the maritime workplace.

Nautilus reports

The Maritime Barometer

The Nautilus Maritime Barometer report, which reflects the findings of the union's survey of 2,000 UK residents across August-September 2021.

Covid-19 resource documents

NHS FAQs on seafarers and vaccination

The FAQs on seafarers and vaccination document covers availability for both British citizens and international crew. It outlines which licensed vaccines are available including Pfizer (Cominarty), AstraZeneca and Moderna, and provides further information on how to access jabs at UK ports.


Nautilus general secretary Day of the Seafarer 2021 speech Mersey Maritime Exchange

Nautilus International general secretary Mark Dickinson Day of the Seafarer 2021 speech at the Mersey Maritime Exchange

Nautilus reports

Build Back Fairer

Read the full campaign document for Build Back Fairer. What 'building back better' really means for our industry.

Election results

Council election results 2021

Civica Election Services report of results for Nautilus International 2021 General Secretary and Council elections.


Paris MoU

Paris MoU: Port State Control Committee Instruction 52/2019/05. Guidance on Procedures for Operational Controls

Nautilus reports

Nautilus survey of recently qualified Merchant Navy Officers

Nautilus report from a training survey of recently qualified Merchant Navy Officers (2021).

Covid-19 resource documents

UK Border Force letter on Covid testing 2021

Border Force letter. Guidance updated 19 March 2021 certifies that Seamen and Masters, Maritime Pilots and Inspectors and Surveyors of ships are exempt from mandatory quarantine and pre-arrival testing measures in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, including Red List countries.


Open letter to Maersk shareholders from seafarers

Dutch seafarers facing job cuts at Maersk Line have petitioned its shareholders to hold the company to account and support the campaign to preserve their livelihoods.

Nautilus reports

Cadet survey 2019

Nautilus research aiming to update our understanding of the British officer training experience and ensure that Nautilus is committed to the actions that best serve cadet members' needs. Based on survey of UK cadet members' views and experiences from 2018 to 2019.

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