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Most of the Union's numerous shore-based members work in the UK or the Netherlands.

Many transition from working at sea. They include college lecturers, vessel traffic services (VTS) operators, harbourmasters, maritime lawyers, fleet managers, HR staff, check-in staff, port security personnel, stevedores, hydrographic officers, marine surveyors, coastguards, shore-based maintenance engineers, marine superintendents and oil terminal managers.

Some of these members used to work at sea and retained their Nautilus membership when they came ashore, some joined because Nautilus has a union recognition agreement with their company, and others wished to benefit from the professional development opportunities offered by a specialist maritime union.

Collective bargaining agreements

Nautilus has collective bargaining (recognition) agreements with companies in this sector including the following:

  • Associated British Ports (ABP)
  • Dirkzwager's Coastal and Deep Sea Pilotage
  • Dirkzwager Financieel Services
  • Imtech (vorheen Radio Holland)
  • Kapal Ltd (for Ahrenkiel Bern)
  • LCT (Newhaven)
  • Medway VTS
  • Port of London Authority VTS
  • Peel Ports (VTS)
  • Sait Zenitel
  • Swiss Shipowners Association

Nautilus and the Prospect union also have a joint relationship for recognising and representing members who work for the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

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