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Nautilus International has a long and proud history of fighting to give maritime and inland waterways professionals the pay and conditions they deserve.

We work at international, national and company level to negotiate on such key elements as wages, leave, tour lengths, sick pay, safety and onboard facilities.

Nautilus negotiations are often different from those of other unions, particularly because of their international nature, and the fact we are not dealing with one set of regulations. Our organising staff across the UK, Netherlands and Switzerland deal with multinational companies, and a raft of complex agreements where members may be engaged through agencies such as in the yacht sector.

Who we negotiate with

Nautilus negotiates with more than 150 companies employing thousands of members. The process of reviewing pay and conditions is usually done annually, but sometimes members agree to longer-term agreements covering several years. The individual Where we work sector pages have more information about who we have agreements with.

International negotiations

Nautilus International has been closely involved in the development of the International Bargaining Forum (IBF), which now determines the pay and conditions for some 294,000 seafarers working in the global merchant fleet.

The Union works through the International Transport Workers' Federation to ensure the IBF is an effective body to set decent working conditions on flag of convenience ships. IBF agreements cover almost 11,000 ships, setting pay rates for officers, ratings and cadets. Agreements normally run for two years, and Nautilus has a major role in the process of formulating and negotiating the claim to the employers.

The IBF also deals with global issues including war zone agreements and high-risk areas. These agreements cover elements including bonus pay, insurance and repatriation rights for seafarers on ships in areas affected by conflicts or piracy.

Other negotiations

Nautilus International also works within a wide range of other forums to ensure that maritime and inland waterways professionals are adequately rewarded for their work and able to operate in safety. We liaise closely with other relevant unions to discuss regional and global issues affecting the employment package.

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