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Dredging and hydraulic engineering

Dredging is perhaps the best-known type of hydraulic engineering; but's there's so much more.

Activities include land reclamation, construction and maintenance of ports, coastal defence and riverbank protection, services for the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy sectors, and environmental works.

Most of the companies are small and/or midsized firms that operate on a national level. Only a dozen or so large hydraulic engineering companies are active on a truly European or global scale. The Netherlands is particularly strong in this sector.

The many vessel types used in hydraulic engineering include trailing-suction hopper dredgers, cutter-suction dredgers, backhoes, floating grab cranes, pontoons and floating sheerlegs.

Collective bargaining agreements

Nautilus has collective bargaining (recognition) agreements (CBAs) with several companies in this sector, and in the Netherlands Nautilus has a CBA (CAO Waterbouw) which covers the entire Dutch sector. Individual CBAs include the following companies:

  • Boskalis Westminster
  • Cemex UK Marine
  • Hanson Ship Management 

Find out more out our work in the dredging sector in the Netherlands with Nautilus FNV Waterbouw.

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