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Going to sea?

Those first months onboard be a shock to the system. Here's our top tips on how to prepare, and how to get the most from your sea time phase.

Going to sea for the first time is a unique challenge. What should you expect from your sea time phase, and how can Nautilus help?

After months of study, it's exciting to finally go onboard for your first sea time phase.

Nothing can prepare you completely for the experience, but there are things you can do to get ahead of the game.

You've probably been wondering about something, whether that's internet access onboard or what you need to pack!

If you have questions and you're not sure who to ask, please talk to our cadet team for advice and assistance.

We can help!

Each sea time experience is different, but it's always a challenge.

Sometimes, though, things do go wrong onboard. You might find yourself in a difficult situation through no fault of your own.

Even at the best of times, it can be lonely. Or you might witness behaviour from other members of the crew that you don't think is right (or that is perhaps even dangerous), but that you don't feel confident about challenging as the youngest person onboard.

Remember that, as a cadet, you are onboard to train – you're entitled to respect and fair treatment, and Nautilus is here to ensure you get it.

Our cadet team know about the challenges you are likely to face. They're ready to listen and offer advice and help whenever you need it.

Get in touch with Nautilus when you need to talk with someone. We're in this together!

Image: Glasgow College

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