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Nautilus cadet hub

Nautilus International is the specialist trade union for cadets and other trainee maritime professionals. We fight alongside you to protect your rights, and we're ready with instant advice and legal support when you need it the most.

Whether in college or at sea – wherever you are, so are we.

Nautilus International is the trade union for maritime cadets, offering a whole range of specialist support as you start your exciting and challenging career at sea.

We understand sponsorship agreements and the sponsoring company's relationship with the education provider. We can help you get the sea time you need, and we're here for you if anything goes wrong.

We also have the ear of the maritime authorities and speak up for members on education and training.

Cadet members get the same benefits as other members of Nautilus International receive – at a fraction of the cost.

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Cadet Q&A

Looking for answers? Read our FAQs on training, sponsorship and funding, coursework, exams, sea time, and more – or email us with your own question.

How to get help from Nautilus

If you have a problem and need support from Nautilus, here’s how you can get in touch. Screenshot these details now so you have them to hand when you’re at sea.

Financial support

Cadet or captain, the cost of living crisis affects us all – but trainees have been hit particularly hard. Here's how the Union is working on your behalf, plus advice on grants and other financial matters.

Cadet news

Keep up to date with the latest stories about training and cadetships

Support at college

Together, Nautilus and our members campaign for better conditions onboard and in college. We're in this fight together.

Why join as a cadet?

Our members fight for a better future for all maritime professionals. Sign up with Nautilus to be part of the change – and receive essential support, legal protection and expert advice.

Going to sea?

Those first months onboard be a shock to the system. Here's our top tips on how to prepare, and how to get the most from your sea time phase.

Meet us in person

Our cadet organisers make regular visits to UK maritime colleges. It's a great way to meet your representatives, get to know the Union, or seek support.

Young Maritime Professionals

Fight for your future by joining a Nautilus campaign; share your views and shape the Union's activities; meet other cadets and get helpful career guidance. You can do it all at our YMP Forum!

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