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Nautilus International is thrilled to announce the launch of a dedicated news programme for members on our YouTube channel, NautilusTV.

The programme has exclusive content featuring members, maritime professionals and prominent figures in the maritime industry. Dive into insightful interviews, engaging discussions and first-hand accounts from the maritime world.

NautilusTV allows you to stay updated with the latest news in the maritime world, gain knowledge from the best minds in the industry and experience the adventures and challenges of life at sea.

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Episode 1, out now, features:

Nautilus International general secretary Mark Dickinson
Nautilus general secretary Mark Dickinson on NautilusTV

Mark talks to the Calling All Stations podcast about Nautilus's four key asks for the next government including: Future proofing skills and training; Full protection for maritime employment; Creating a stronger UK shipping industry domestically and internationally, and; Ensuring continued international leadership on social and employment rights.

Nautilus International director of organising Martyn Gray

Details action short of a strike at the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and why members deserve pay restoration and recognition of their vital work protecting our country, in an interview with communications manager Rob Coston.

IMO secretary-general Arsenio Dominguez

Ahead of Day of the Seafarer 2024, head of the global maritime regulator talks about the just transition to a decarbonised maritime industry, in in interview with director of communications, campaigns and digital Helen Kelly

Nautilus International head of professional and technical David Appleton

On the challenges of training seafarers for a decarbonised maritime industry in an interview with communications assistant Lucy Chapman about.

Dr Genevieve Waterhouse, chair of trustees, Safer Waves Discusses

Discusses crimes and sea and her research with Winchester University with web editor Deborah McPherson.

Nautilus International head of legal Charles Boyle

Highlights the vital work the union is doing to recoup unpaid wages in the yacht sector, including high profile cases such as the Alfa Nero.

Nautilus International organiser Laura Molineaux

Explains why the union attends Palma International Yacht Show to meet members, including addressing issues of recruitment and retention for the industry. 

Captain Jessica Tyson

In this feature interview, learn about the working life of a marine pilot and acting harbour master.

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