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Nautilus podcast Off course: Episode 5 – rescuing refugees fleeing by boat featuring Captain Kai Kaltegartner

21 April 2023

Captain Kai Kaltegartner shares his harrowing experiences onboard vessels rescuing people at sea who are fleeing violence, insecurity and persecution, in Nautilus International's latest podcast.

Episode 5, the final in the first series of 'Off Course: a sideways look at life at sea', hears Capt Kaltegartner's insights on his work rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean. After two years, a Dutch court ruled in in his favour after he was turned away by a crewing agency because of his rescues.

Nautilus asks why he decided to pursue the crewing agency through the courts and what happened next. Listen in to find out the answers!

'Off Course: a sideways look at life at sea' is the Union's podcast series which aims to counter sea blindness – the reason the maritime sector remains such a mystery to so many people in the UK in spite of the important role it plays in all our lives.


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