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Attending the 2023 Nautilus International General Meeting was interesting. As discussed there, we are in the midst of a fourth shipping revolution. 

In my role as chair of the Nautilus Professional and Technical Forum, I would be interested in feedback from those of you at college or at sea on your thoughts and experiences doing the electro-technical officer (ETO) job today. Do you think the ETO foundation degree and/or training in the UK is relevant or not?

Nautilus has worked for many years to gain better recognition and promotion prospects for ex-radio officers and ETOs. Did you know that soon there will be a system for promotion to Senior ETO with relevant payscale?

Technology is fast moving. Have you had any training courses on new equipment that you are currently sailing with?

There has been a two-year review of all UK Merchant Navy Training Board courses via MNTB/MCA working groups and the results will be published in due course.

Shipping companies are likely to press on with developing autonomous shipping. Hence no crew and no ETO. What are your thoughts on this? Workable or not?

If you feel strong enough or motivated enough we could hold a Professional and Technical Forum on this subject in the future. Please let us know if you would be interested.

Come on everyone, let's have your views please.

Clive Evans

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