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When the Nautilus Telegraph's Ships of the past column went online as an interactive hub, memories flooded in on social media of one vessel in particular: Tokyo Bay. It has been described as a 'party ship', with the memories being overwhelmingly positive. Here are a few comments posted on our LinkedIn and Facebook pages:

I sailed on her in 1979 when she was a steamship, then again in the 80s when she had been converted to motor. Powerful beasts that were always 1st in the cue going through Suez, so we didn't get held up by the slower ships.
John Owens

My first ship as deck cadet in 1995 – great memories.
Gareth Mathias

My first ship! Quite daunting coming into Southampton railway station past the docks and seeing this 'huge' monster. Did four months on her and loved every moment!
Claire Hogan

Sailed on all five of the same Class – Tokyo bay, Kowloon Bay, Liverpool Bay, Cardigan Bay and Osaka Bay. Great ships and crew.
Anthony Nicholas

Cracking ships and great crews, they were more like a party than a job
Craig Hardman

Sailed on her and her sisters Cardigan and Osaka ....excellent ships, great accommodation and even better crews... they also had a great wooden crew deck with a pool. We used to have regular barbecues on that deck passing through the Malacca straits. great memories... they were fast too!
Ferguson Doyle

Fabulous ships, work hard, play hard.
Andrew Yeomans

I did a triple when it was Ocean Fleets, good times and memories
Steven Parkinson

We also have memories from Telegraph readers Chris Haughton, John Barton, Ian Aitken and Michael Bond, who wrote to when Tokyo Bay appeared in the print version of Ships of the past in April 2020.

You can read more about Tokyo Bay and all our other featured ships in our Ships of the past online hub, and please send us a message via the Contribute section if you have memories or knowledge to share about any of the vessels.

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