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Richard Moti, executive officer

Richard Moti is executive officer for cross-boundary maritime union Nautilus International and penningmeester/algemeen secretaries at the Union's Netherland board.

As the Union's executive officer,  Richard oversees the coordination of its biggest collective bargaining agreement (CBA), the commercial shipping CBA. 

In his role as NL Board penningmeester/algemeen sectretaris he contributes to keeping  the Union financially healthy, to ensure a strong organization that can optimally support members and represent their collective and individual interests.


Richard joined Nautilus at the beginning of 2024, the latest step in a long career as a politician and trade unionist. After studying mechanical engineering at TU Delft, he became a trade union officer at FNV Bondgenoten in the cleaning industry – a challenging role, as many workers in the cleaning industry did not dare to talk to someone from a union for fear of reprisals by their employer.

Richard continued his trade union activism by working across the metal industry for almost 10 years. This included postings in shipbuilding and aircraft construction, where employees were not afraid to stand up for their rights when an employer acted unreasonably.

In addition to his union work, Richard has also been very active in local politics in the municipality of Rotterdam, where he has been both a municipal councillor and an alderman. He stopped his political activities at the beginning of 2024 to focus on his new role as executive officer at Nautilus International.

As part of the Union's succession planning for upcoming retirements of senior leadership, Richard Moti took over from retired executive officer Charley Ramdas (who had worked at Nautilus since 2015). Richard was confirmed as penningmeester/algemeen secretaries (treasurer) by members at the NL Branch Annual General Meeting on 18 June 2024, and was elected to the Board of the Residual Legal Entity (RLE) of Nautilus (NL). Richard now forms one of the four members of the new NL Board, together with other Nautilus executives Marcel van den Broek, Sascha Meijer and Nautilus general secretary Mark Dickinson.

Of his roles, Richard says: 'I'm born and raised in Rotterdam, with the biggest port of Europe in my backyard. I know how important the maritime sector is for prosperity throughout the Netherlands and Europe. I am very happy that I can now contribute to improving the employment conditions and working conditions of maritime professionals.

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