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CBAs in river cruise

Where Nautilus has collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) in river cruise

The Union has concluded collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) in European waterways with several employers, shipping companies and operators. These contain minimum standards and allow us to closely monitor compliance with the standards, because we have access to the staff and documents.

These companies have understood that it is not enough to simply emphasise that you are a 'fair and clean' employer; you must also be fully transparent with third parties such as a trade union like Nautilus. This helps creates trust among the workforce, so that they can overcome the fears that often prevail in the river cruise industry and speak confidently about their work.

An employer who acts transparently and fairly like this is currently at a financial disadvantage compared to one or two competitors who do not have these labour practices.

In 2023 about 4,500 employees in the river cruise sector were covered by a CBA. We are currently exchanging ideas with other employers regarding cooperation, which we hope will also lead to CBAs.

Companies where Nautilus currently has CBAs awarded our Fair Cruise Work Mark are:

  • River Advice Group/United Rivers Group
  • Riverside Collection Operations Ltd (Germany)
  • Sea Chefs Group

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