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Deals and discounts for members

On top of the familiar benefits of trade union membership, Nautilus has negotiated a range of deals and discounts on the services and products that members use most often.

To find out more about the UK Branch discounts described here, or to access the direct link to the dedicated Nautilus Plus website for members, please log into My Nautilus.

UK Branch discounts

Nautilus Plus

The Nautilus Plus (member log in only) discounts package is based in the UK, and some benefits are also available to all members of the Union, whatever their home country. It offers discounts on a wide range of health, leisure and financial services – all negotiated with the seafarer's lifestyle in mind. The package includes a mortgage advice service, house insurance and life insurance tailored for members.

Personal, home and family legal services

Nautilus International offers members and their families a range of legal advice and assistance on non-employment matters. UK-based members and their close relatives are entitled to a range of discounted or even free legal services. These personal, home and family legal services (member log in only) include accident claims, disease claims, clinical negligence claims, family law, housing advice, conveyancy, personal insolvency, will-making and power of attorney.

Seafarers' Earnings Deductions

Members receive discounts from organisations offering specialist tax advice and help with completing UK tax returns. (Log in to My Nautilus to find out more).

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