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Sea to city transitions: The hard work was worth it!

30 May 2022

After two years of struggling to move ashore, Ron Llamas joined the Sea to City scheme and made his aspirations a reality

The Sea to City Scheme run by Nautilus and Maritime London has helped me transition from ship to shore.

The process was difficult, but with the support of my mentor, I was able to move ashore and be closer to my family.

I tried for two years to move ashore but having a mentor made a difference. Make no mistake – you are expected to do a lot of work in finding employment ashore, with the mentor there to guide you in the process. The mentor's feedback and guidance really help when you start doubting your decisions and when things start to look uncertain. There were times when I was tempted to return to sea, not because I wanted to, but because it was the normal thing for me to do in my career.

Moving ashore was a change of direction, and we all know that changes are very intimidating and full of uncertainties. It helps to have someone to guide you who has experienced what you are experiencing. It gives you confidence and inspiration to keep moving forward especially when times are tough.

I was a navigation officer at MPC Heavylift and Containership for more than six years. During my time at sea I learned a lot and developed both personally and professionally.

Whatever your reasons for moving ashore, remember to commit to that decision because it will be very different from onboard employment.

Best of luck



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