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ETF update: maritime matters highlighted for MEP candidates

27 February 2024

The European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF) has taken the next step in its campaign to persuade EU election candidates to run on a maritime platform.

The ETF's European Dockers and Seafarers Manifesto for a Fair Maritime Sector 2024 is part of a set of four sector-specific manifestos that follow on from the Federation's powerful New Deal for Fair Transport.

The maritime manifesto 'sets sail against port congestion, automation-driven job losses, and unfair competition. It advocates for safe working environments, living wages, and strong unions that give dockworkers and seafarers a voice in shaping their industry’s future.'

Notable demands include the following:

Seafarers must not be excluded from EU directives and regulations for workers, and should have the same rights as any other category of workers in the European Union.

All crew must be granted European terms and conditions including wages – no matter which flag their vessel flies – if they are operating regularly between EU ports.

The EU State Aid Guidelines should be adapted to indicate that registries designated as flags of convenience are not eligible for state aid.

The EU should create a green and just transition that, while ensuring the achievement of carbon neutrality, is able to implement appropriate measures to retain the workforce through up-skilling, re-skilling and proper training programmes.

The EU should implement a harmonised approach on recording of accidents onboard ships, as in some cases accidents are still not reported or not investigated due to lack of expertise, resources, or coordination among the related bodies.

  • European Dockers and Seafarers Manifesto for a Fair Maritime Sector 2024 can be downloaded here 
  • Elections for Members of the European Parliament will take place on 6-9 June. If you live in an EU country, you can find your current MEP here 


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