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Advice and guidance

What have seafarers ever done for us?

Leaflet to explain to those outside the maritime industry why seafarers are so vital to the UK.

Advice and guidance

Worldwide lawyers directory

PDF: A list of all the Nautilus International lawyers around the world to download or print.

Advice and guidance

Maternity and paternity guidance for seafarers

Guidance for Nautilus International members on their rights as new or expectant parents.

Advice and guidance

UK National Minimum Wage

Nautilus guidance for seafarers on their entitlement to the UK National Minimum Wage (NMW) - updated in June 2018.

Advice and guidance

Nautilus yacht SEA advice

Simple guide to the Seafarer's Employment Agreement (SEA's) under the Maritime Labour Convention.

Advice and guidance

A guide to the Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

A guide explaining members’ rights to decent living and working conditions at sea under the MLC.

Advice and guidance

Protect and Respect Workplace Guidance

Guidance for Nautilus International members on recognising and tackling bullying and harassment in the maritime workplace.

Advice and guidance

Sitting Comfortably? – A guide to avoiding travellers’ thrombosis (DVT)

Advice on how to minimise the risk of developing occupational deep-vein thrombosis.

Advice and guidance

Don’t feel the heat

Advice on mitigating the risks of overheating when working at sea.

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