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Redundant oil and gas workers offered support to transition to new roles in energy sector

10 August 2020

Nautilus members facing redundancy in the offshore sector are being offered extra support making the transition to new roles in the UK energy sector.

Industry body OGUK has partnered with Skills Development Scotland for a free webinar supporting oil and gas workers.

The Employment and Support Advice webinar on Tuesday 18 August is open to anyone looking for practical support and advice on roles within the energy sector and is expected to cover nuclear and renewables, among others.

Nautilus organiser who sits on the trade union Offshore Coordinating Group Lee Moon said: 'Given the decimating impact of Covid-19 on the offshore sector and the slump in oil prices, any support to get our members in this industry back on their feet in these challenging times is very welcome.'

Earlier this year OGUK warned that up to 30,000 jobs could be lost as the sector faces a double whammy of the coronavirus pandemic and sustained low oil and gas prices. Up to 9,000 redundancies are reported to have been made so far, with the industry engaged in discussions with the UK government on a sector deal which could enable the sector to support the UK’s moves towards net zero by 2050.

OGUK said that the webinar was one of a range of proactive measures the industry is taking to shape its future and support a recovery, which also helps the sector play a full role in the energy transition.

OGUK workforce engagement and skills manager Dr Alix Thom said: 'These are challenging times for all industries, and we are seeing the impact of this on people's jobs and livelihoods nearly every day in the news. Though we are conscious that we will need their skills in the future as the sector recovers and embraces its role in the energy transition, we also recognise the human cost of the last four months and the need to try and help those who have applied their considerable skills on the industry’s behalf.

'We continue to work with the UK government on developing a sector deal, and will also be putting more detailed support measures forward to both governments to help ensure that our industry can realise its full potential through the transition to a lower carbon future.'


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