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Ocean Supply Guernsey flags pandemic redundancies

28 May 2020

Nautilus members of all ranks employed by Ocean Supply (Guernsey) Ltd are facing possible redundancies due to the sharp downturn in the offshore industry amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The company plans to make up to 129 roles redundant.

Members were advised of the company's intentions, and the start of a formal 45-day consultation process by national organiser Steve Doran on 7 May.

The first collective consultation meeting was held on 11 May between management and Nautilus strategic organiser Lee Moon who is now representing members at the company.

Redundancies are expected to be made in line with statutory UK requirements.

'Nautilus believes it is essential that there is a strong and vibrant future for our members in the UK, the Netherlands and Switzerland and for maritime professionals everywhere. As such, our actions will always be in keeping with the principals that good quality employment should be defended and encouraged,' Mr Moon said.

One crew have been furloughed and the vessel put into lay-up. All other vessels have remained in operation and have required crewing levels to be maintained.

The company said it would have a much clearer picture of how many vessels would be remain in service by 20 June.

It promised to continue to consult with unions to ensure a fair and consistent outcome for the business.

Ocean Response Management Ltd (Vessel Manager) is continuing to bid for work for its vessels. Laid up vessels would still hold all valid certification enabling them to come back online as needed.

The company said it would review its crewing commitments should work pick up, however it would not commit to prioritise employees whose jobs had been made redundant.

The Union has asked for an objective and transparent process but does not negotiate on redundancies nor reach agreement on the selection process.

No decision has been made yet on voluntary redundancies (VR).

Nautilus gives the highest priority to the protection of all members' jobs together with their terms and conditions of employment and resists all redundancies, especially those of which are compulsory or where members are being replaced by cheaper sources of labour – also known as social dumping.

The Union will always seek to ensure that companies offer retraining and redeployment opportunities when redundancies cannot be avoided.


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