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Nautilus spotlight on maritime skills and careers during Shipping Week

11 September 2017

Nautilus shone a spotlight on skills and career opportunities in the maritime industry alongside the UK Chamber of Shipping and the Merchant Navy Training Board during London International Shipping Week 2017.

To coincide with the week's theme of Tomorrow's Maritime World, the Union ran a So Where are the Jobs? seminar on Tuesday 12 September 2017. Held at the Chamber of Shipping from 10:30-14:00, the event was set to address the latest challenges in seafarer employment and training, as well as how the nation can help secure the future of the UK maritime sector and deliver opportunities for seafarers.

The seminar was opened by Nautilus deputy general secretary Marcel van de Broek, and includes a discussion hosted by the UK Chamber of Shipping with a panel of industry representatives from government, engineering consultancy Frazer-Nash, cruise ship company Carnival UK, ship management company Northern Marine Group, and maritime and shipping recruitment specialists Seamariner. Nautilus member Gail Jonsen also joined the panel, giving the real-life experiences of a British officer looking for work.

After the seminar, Nautilus ran a CV surgery aimed at maritime professionals seeking advice and career progression. Individuals in the sector could submit their CVs to Nautilus's professional and technical department for bespoke, tailored advice on employment opportunities in the maritime and shipping industry.

The industry is coming together at London International Shipping Week to celebrate how important shipping and marine services are for the UK's economy but also for London as an international maritime centre. Nautilus general secretary, Mark Dickinson

Nautilus has created a handy video guide to its participation at LISW.

'By working together with the UK Chamber of Shipping and the Merchant Navy Training Board we are displaying how well the UK maritime sector can work in collaboration in the best interests of all.

'Seafarers are the lifeblood of the global economy and without them our economy would be lost at sea. We're hoping to address not just how to keep the industry afloat, but how we can help it thrive over the next 25 years and long into the future.'


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