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IOMSPCo slashes sailings, including Manxman, due to industrial dispute

3 January 2024

Nautilus has restated that it is open to genuine proposals from management at the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company (IOMSPCo) to end the ongoing industrial dispute, after IOMSPCo was forced to introduce a contingency sailing schedule.

The number of sailings by the ferry Manxman has been cut to one a day for the next two weeks because an officer had to unexpectedly go on leave. The industrial dispute between Nautilus and the company means that other officers will not swap shifts or take on overtime to provide cover, which prevents the vessel from sailing.

Nautilus senior national secretary Garry Elliot said: 'Nautilus is aware of IOMSPCo's need to introduce a contingency sailing schedule due to unforeseen short staffing and the ongoing industrial action short of a strike.

'The legal and proportionate action being taken by Nautilus members at the company will continue in response to the use of fire and rehire tactics by the company to force through presently unacceptable contractual changes.

'We remain willing and available to discuss a resolution to the action short of strike with the company and encourage them to make a genuine offer that is acceptable to members.'


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