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Herald of Free Enterprise: remembering those lost

5 March 2024

On Wednesday 6 March, Nautilus International remembers all of those lost in the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster, and the many acts of individual heroism by both crew and passengers who gave their lives so others might live.

Some 193 passengers and crew perished on the night of 6 March 1987 when the roll-on roll-off ferry capsized shortly after leaving the Belgian port of Zeebrugge for Dover.

Safety procedures regarding ferry operations were put in place immediately following the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster, which have helped to prevent such a tragedy occurring again. Nautilus International continues to highlight safety concerns such as fatigue, working long hours and tours of duty in the industry, and to campaign against backsliding and for continual improvement in safety standards.

This year's service of commemoration is being held at 10.30 hrs on 6 March in the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club, Dover. At 16.00 hrs an informal gathering for prayer will take place at the Herald Memorial Window in St Mary's Church, led by Reverend Catherine Tucker.


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