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Further Russian vessels sanctioned by UK and EU

8 July 2024

With no end in sight to the war in Ukraine, European governments are stepping up their sanctions against individuals who provide support to the Russian invasion.

This often means seizing or placing financial restrictions on valuable assets such as Russian-owned superyachts. Sanctions are also now being applied to cargo ships and tankers which are 'directly involved in supporting Russia's war efforts, transporting military equipment, or engaging in deceptive practices'. Not all the vessels fly the Russian flag.

On 23 June 2024, the European Union took the unprecedented step of sanctioning 19 vessels. The UK has also added six vessels to its Financial and Investment Restrictions List. The list of newly-sanctioned vessels is available here.

Nautilus has successfully retrieved unpaid wages for members who were working on Russian superyachts at the time these were first sanctioned. However, the Union is now advising members against taking work on any vessel linked to Russia, as it is more difficult to help seafarers who have knowingly joined a ship that is likely to fall under sanctions.


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