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Just writing to warn other colleagues that fraudulent job offers are being sent to people open for maritime employment in LinkedIn.

This summer I was approached in this way with offers for two jobs. They were both jobs at real companies, and for the second one (DFDS UK) I was sent an email by a named HR person – an Adam Finley.

I accepted the job and received a contract with all details and a warm welcome letter from DFDS UK, having sent scans of my certs before. However, for the signed contract, I didn't send it by email as requested, but in the post to 'Adam Finley' in Immingham, receiving it back saying 'not in DFDS'.

Next I contacted HR at DFDS in Copenhagen, showed my papers and got told it was all a fake. Some days later, a genuine person from DFDS UK in Dover contacted me by mail asking for a phone call clearing this matter. She told me there were more such cases misusing the good name of the company, and that they are investigating already.

I agreed with DFDS UK to make this case public in the Telegraph as a warning to others and would be very thankful if you could do so.

Michael Schneider

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