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One of Nautilus International's longest-serving members, Frank Le Messurier, has died on his home island of Guernsey.

Frank joined the Union in 1944, having started his Merchant Navy career during the Second World War. He was awarded the Atlantic and Pacific Stars by the UK government for his war service.

After the war, Frank studied and rose up through the ranks, gaining his master's certificate in 1954. His first command was not to come until 1974, however, when he became captain of the Nigerian National Shipping Line vessel Oranyan.

Frank also spent many years on ferries plying their trade between English Channel ports in England, France, Belgium and the Channel Islands. As a native speaker of Guernsey French, he was involved in the revival of the language on the island.

He was married to his youthful sweetheart Edith until her death in 2009 and is survived by his daughter Pamela, nephew Nick and many other family members.

Frank was well known to the Telegraph team as a contributor of material on Merchant Navy remembrance services, and he will be missed by all.

Sarah Robinson

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