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The power of maritime volunteering

Keeping a Puffer Afloat, by Henry Cleary

keeping_a_puffer_afloat_cover_web.jpgOver the years, many Nautilus members have enjoyed spending some of their spare time (or their retirement) volunteering onboard historic vessels.

Keeping a Puffer Afloat tells the story of how a group of volunteers – starting with just five in 1978 but over the decades comprising hundreds of people – overcame enormous challenges to preserve the VIC 56, a 1945-built steam-driven Naval Armaments Vessel.

It truly is a remarkable survival story, especially given how little attention was paid to looking after the country's history at the time, and hopefully will be an inspiration to others who would like to continue the work.

Keeping a Puffer Afloat
By Henry Cleary
Self-published, £9.99
ISBN: 978 18031 37512

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