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Maritime non-fiction / History

The marvels of maritime London

River Thames Dockland Heritage: Greenwich to Tilbury and Gravesend, by Malcolm Batten

River_Thames_Dockland_Heritage_cover_web.jpgThis book takes you on a captivating visual journey through time, using colourful and bright imagery to bring the history of the docklands of the River Thames to life.

It illuminates the fact that so much of the urbanisation tracing the River Thames was for maritime purposes, and enlivens ordinary buildings by linking them to a rich maritime history.

Author Malcolm Batten does a fantastic job of breathing life into parts of London that one might casually walk past. Whether you're a maritime history buff or an urban explorer, this book is a must-read.

River Thames Dockland Heritage: Greenwich to Tilbury and Gravesend
By Malcolm Batten
Amberley Publishing, £15.99
ISBN: 978 13981 08844

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