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Ultimate Sailing Adventures, by Miles Kendall

ultimate_sailing_adventures_web_cover_jpg.jpgThe book contains all kinds of sailing ideas for those who like to live on the edge. A fine selection of full-colour photographs make the work a nice addition to your coffee table, and will perhaps spark off some epic journeys.

There are suggestions to appeal to competent sailors of all appetites, from challenging holidays like circumnavigating Ireland or exploring Turkey’s Turquoise Coast to sporting competitions like the Copa del Rey and the Superyacht Cup. At the other end of the spectrum are more extreme suggestions, like retracing the route of Shackleton’s Endurance, racing around the globe or passing through the Red Sea! 

Ultimate Sailing Adventures: 100 Epic Experiences on the Water
By Miles Kendall
Fernhurst, £20.00
ISBN: 978 19126 21675

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