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Maritime fiction / Short stories

Eclectic thoughts from a familiar writer

Short Story, Verse, Commentary, by Colin H Coles

book_cover_short_story_verse_commentary.jpgKnown for his nautical novels under the pen name Sam Grant, author Colin Coles has branched out into other literary forms in his own name.

Short Story, Verse, Commentary does just what it says in the title, providing an eclectic mix of fiction, poetry and factual writing. As a former seafarer, Coles writes on the maritime topics we might expect, but the collection also draws notably on his childhood memories.

The spiritual poetry is a strength of the collection, and eclectic nature of the book's material also provides some enjoyable surprises, such as turning the page to find a tribute to the music of Beethoven.

Short Story, Verse, Commentary
By Colin H Coles
Self-published, £9.99
ISBN: 978 17879 20002

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