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Maritime non-fiction / Memoir

Health reminder for maritime men

Sailing Through Life, by Nick Ardley

Sailing_through_life_cover.jpgFor a lot of men, a trip to the doctor is something to be put off indefinitely.
So this book by Nautilus member Nick Ardley is a helpful reminder to those working in the male-dominated seafaring industry that going for a checkup could save your life.

Ardley bravely opens up about his reaction to a diagnosis of prostate cancer, and his near-breakdown as a result – plus the struggle of dealing with a serious illness during the Covid-19 lockdowns. He attributes his recovery to his family, and to his passion for sailing onboard the boat he shares with his wife.

Sailing Through Life
By Nick Ardley
Austin Macauley, £18.99
ISBN: 978 13984 81336

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