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Build your own Bounty

Shipcraft 30: Bounty, by Kerry Jang

book_shipcraft_bounty_cover.jpgIf someone in your life is keen to spend the festive period making a model of a famous ship, then this new title would make an excellent gift.

Shipcraft 30: Bounty is not so much a set of model-making instructions as an introduction to the whole world of the 18th century ship.

A beautifully-presented architectural section looks at how the vessel was commissioned and built, with diagrams and even copies of the original naval architect's plans. Following this, the author takes us through HMS Bounty's voyages and the notorious munity for which the ship is chiefly remembered.

The latter part of the book is dedicated to evaluations of various Bounty model-making kits available from the likes of Airfix and DeAgostini. As well as reviews of each kit, there are tips on how the models can be customised and improved on by the more experienced model-maker. There is a good bibliography at the end for those wanting to read more about Bounty or ship-modelling, and links to where model kits can be bought online.

Shipcraft 30: Bounty
By Kerry Jang
Pen & Sword, £16.99
ISBN: 978 13990 22897

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