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Maritime non-fiction / War history

Dazzling details of disguises

Dazzle, Disruption & Concealment, by David L Williams

Landing page image: Dazzle Ships in the London Docks (painting by John Everett, 1915). Image: Wikimedia Commons

book_cover_dazzle_disruption_concealment_web.jpgTextbook meets coffee table book in this beautifully-presented new work. The author takes a close look at the use of maritime camouflage for merchant and military vessels in the two world wars, exploring the techniques used to achieve two aims: reduced visibility and disruption to the enemy's visual perception.

Illustrated with photographs and technical drawings throughout, this scholarly yet accessible volume covers British, French and American dazzle techniques in detail, and even includes scientific evaluations of the efficacy of each method.

Dazzle, Disruption & Concealment: the Science, Psychology and Art of Ship Camouflage
By David L Williams
History Press, £30
978 07509 96815

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