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Leith-Built Ships Volume 3, by R.O. Neish

book_cover_leith_built_ships_vol_1_white_frame.jpgShipbuilder-turned-historian R.O. Neish is back with the latest instalment in his series on Edinburgh's shipyards.

Leith-Built Ships Volume 3 focuses on Henry Robb Ltd, the one shipyard remaining in the area after the Second World War.

Covering the period 1945-1965, the book starts with a boom in shipbuilding as Britain hurried to replace vessels lost in the Second World War. Money was still tight, though, and there was little investment in new machinery or protective equipment for the workers. As time goes on, the author charts the beginning of the decline in British shipbuilding.

The book is enlivened by anecdotes from Henry Robb employees, and is illustrated throughout with images of the vessels built at the yard.

Leith-Built Ships Volume 3: Henry Robb Ltd (1945-1965)
By R.O. Neish
Whittles Publishing, £17.99
ISBN: 978 18499 54815

Book reviews main landing page image: Wikimedia commons

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