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Ken your Scottish lochs

Lochs of Scotland, by Stuart Fisher

Seafarers who fancy spending their shore leave on the water will be well catered for in this new guide to Scottish lochs, especially if planning a spring or summer break.book_cover_lochs_of_scotland.jpg

Stuart Fisher – an author of various British canal and river guides – has now turned his kayaking adventures into a comprehensive tour around 50 of Scotland's most fabulous inland and sea lochs.

Packed with detailed maps, local facilities and photos, the guide is peppered with many other insights – from the history of Scottish clan warfare to more modern military activity and of course Loch Ness monster reports! There are also introductions from various authors and poets, a handy index and even bookmarking flaps.

Lochs of Scotland
By Stuart Fisher        
Conway, £18.99        
ISBN: 978 14729 82933

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