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Finding out about ferries

Stena Line, by Ian Collard

book_Stena Line.jpgAlthough the company was founded in Sweden, Stena Line is of course a highly familiar name on ferries plying their trade around the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.

This new book from Amberley is a kind of history of Stena Line in vessels, with hundreds of ship particulars listed alongside information about the fate of each ferry, including changes of name and owner.

Many are still in use, but others have been sent to the breakers' yard and at least one has sunk.

Find out which one in Stena Line, which is nicely presented with good colour pictures throughout and should be of interest to many Nautilus members.

Stena Line
By Ian Collard
Amberley, £15.99
ISBN: 978 13981 09483

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