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Maritime fiction / Novel

Passionate story of survival

In the Shadow of Piper Alpha, by Iain Maloney

book_cover_piper_alpha.jpgYears on from the 1988 Piper Alpha oil platform fire that killed 167 people, Iain Maloney’s historical novel looks at the events from the perspective of a survivor, Marcus.

In an often heart-breaking narrative, Marcus struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder and maintaining a stable relationship with his daughter.

Maloney doesn’t simply run through the events from before and after from different viewpoints, he really examines the cost of being a survivor of such a horrific event – showing how one incident can change the course of a life.

In the Shadow of Piper Alpha
By Iain Maloney       
Tippermuir Books, £9.99     
ISBN: 978 19138 36130

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