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Fresh revisions to a cargo-handling classic

Thomas' Stowage: The Properties and Stowage of Cargoes, Ninth Edition, by GM Pepper

thomas_stowage_books_web_cover.jpgAs the definitive book on the safe handling and carriage of cargoes, Thomas' Stowage is an invaluable reference for officers, shipowners, operators, maritime lawyers, insurance companies and indeed any other individual or organisation involved in moving goods by sea. It lists the characteristics for cargoes and explains the necessary procedures (both practical and legal) for handling them, as well as providing a helpful glossary of cargo handling and shipping terms.

Now in its ninth edition, this latest version includes revisions on the 2018 edition throughout the book. These changes are based on new legislation, new commodities and improved methods of handling and carriage.

Part 3 has come in for special attention in the revision process. The entries have been clarified and rationalised and it has now been split into two parts, one covering general commodities and the other dry bulk commodities.

Thomas' Stowage: The Properties and Stowage of Cargoes, Ninth Edition
By GM Pepper
Brown, Son & Ferguson, £110
ISBN: 978 18492 71141

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