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Maritime fiction / Novel

Steamy saga of sea dogs from the age of sail

Raptor's Revenge, by Jim Malloy

Set in Elizabethan England, this absorbing historical novel tells the fictional story of Irish privateer Jamey Fallon's journey from lad to accomplished 'sea dog' El Raptor.


Fallon was infamous in his family revenge quest, which – conveniently for Queen Elizabeth I – meant Spanish ships were looted and their treasure confiscated for the monarch's coffers. This reflects how privateering was considered a sound political and economic strategy, and a means to wage religious war at the time.

Among the Caribbean capers, lasting comradeship evolves and love is found in unlikely places. Action sequences include a daring escape from the Spanish Inquisition.

Author Jim Malloy's maritime interests and experience sailing a three-masted vessel are evident in the narrative, as is his knowledge of the West Indies, having owned a private island in the Bahamas. He is now retired and runs his own museum dedicated to the history of pirates and privateers.

Raptor's Revenge
By Jim Malloy
Self-published with Xlibris, £16.95
ISBN: 978 16641 97596

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