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Understanding UK Shipping, by UK Chamber of Shipping

First published in 2017 and recently reprinted, Understanding UK Shipping serves as an in-depth introduction into the rules, regulations, practices and traditions of the British maritime industry.

understanding_uk_shipping_cover.jpgThe book kicks off by defining what we mean by 'British shipping' and explores the importance of shipping to the UK as a nation with a long maritime history. Nautilus receives an honourable mention in this introduction as an industry body that supports UK shipping on behalf of seafarers.

A further nine chapters look in more detail at regulations and guidance surrounding the UK shipping market, UK vessels, crewing and employment, running a shipping business, ports, customs, and passenger shipping.

Well-presented in A4 hardback format, Understanding UK shipping is illustrated with images of famous ships, industry headquarters, and colourful charts and graphs to explain the ins and outs of the industry. The book would be a great companion for students and new employees as they take their first steps into the maritime industry.

This book is the Nautilus Book of the Month for March 2022, and will be sold at a discount in the Nautilus Bookshop throughout the month.

Understanding UK Shipping
By UK Chamber of Shipping
Witherbys, £40
ISBN: 978 18560 97468

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