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Courageous women remembered

Widows of the Ice, by Anne Fletcher

book_cover_widows_of_the_ice_white_frame_web.jpgThe feeling of being 'left behind' is highly familiar to families of seafarers, and over the centuries, too many have had to deal with their loved ones never coming back. Thankfully, few wives are thrust into the international limelight when their husbands do not return from a voyage, but that was the fate of Kathleen Scott, Oriana Wilson and Lois Evans.

As author Anne Fletcher explains, these women had to keep a stiff upper lip in public life when their spouses perished on Robert Falcon Scott's Antarctic expedition in 1912, and the story of their resilience and achievements deserves to be better known.

A kind of triple biography, Widows of the Ice is a fine tribute to them, and will resonate with today's maritime community.

Widows of the Ice
By Anne Fletcher
Amberley, £20
ISBN: 978 14456 93767

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