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A must-read for maritime businesses

Making Waves, by Ben Pinnington

Making Waves'Every organisation. no matter how large or small, ultimately depend on its reputation for survival and success'

With this one quote from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, Making Waves neatly sets out the rationale for why PR should be taken seriously by maritime businesses. Part call to action, part user manual, this 'insider's guide' to PR by trained journalist and small business owner Ben Pinnington should convince any wavering SME or media-shy company owner of the importance and value of a PR strategy that is integrated with your strategic plan.

With plenty of case studies from Pinnington's maritime clientele of 25 years – spanning ports, dockyards, shipowners, class societies, equipment makers and trade bodies – he deftly describes how buy-in at the highest level, and a communications professional on the senior leadership team, will help build your reputation and your business.

Chapters on how to identify your brand ethos and unique selling points, and how to build a communications plan, are very useful starting points for those businesses considering investing in PR. As are tips on harnessing the power of the media and social media for those firms looking to take the next step.

If none of these are enough to convince you to egage your first PR professional, then the chapter on how to avert and handle a media crisis should just nudge you over the edge. No company head or owner wants to see years of hard work in building a business be torn down by a media scrum.

Making Waves: PR strategies to transform your maritime business
By Ben Pinnington
Rethink Press, £12.99
ISBN 978 1713 35895

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