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Practical Ship Handling, by Malcolm C. Armstrong

0007964_practical-ship-handling_300.jpegFirst published 40 years ago, this admirably clear and straightforward guide now appears as a fourth edition, reflecting its continued relevance at a time when changes in the industry mean many 'super-sized' ships are being handled in harbours that were designed for much smaller vessels.

Malcolm Armstrong brings his experience as a shipmaster and pilot to explain the multiple challenges of safely controlling a ship and how to make the best use of available machinery and equipment, with a strong focus on the use of tugs and anchors.

There is also a lot of good guidance on bridge management, helm orders and good teamwork.

Whilst much has changed since the first edition was published, Captain Armstrong’s handy guidebook reminds readers that the fundamentals of safe berthing, unberthing, passing and anchoring remain pretty constant.

Practical Ship Handling
By Malcolm C. Armstrong

Brown, Son & Ferguson
ISBN 978 18492 70847

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