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Marine Heavy Lift and Rigging Operations, by David J. House

0008567_marine-heavy-lift-and-rigging-operations-2nd-ed-2019_300.jpegWell structured and copiously illustrated, the 269-page book covers every imaginable aspect of heavy lifting, ranging from shipboard heavy lift gear to shipyard heavy lifting, offshore operations and project cargoes.

There are plenty of practical examples of heavy loads – including bulk liquids, and ore and steel – and the book emphasises the many factors that need to be considered to ensure safe operations, with detailed advice on such things as lashing and securing, loading programmes, and calculating forces. While lifting large objects such as anchors and lifeboats may be part of routine operations, the author warns of the dangers of complacency and there’s a handy set of ‘self-examiner’ questions at the end to test how much the reader has absorbed.

Marine Heavy Lift and Rigging Operations
by David J. House
Brown, Son & Ferguson
ISBN 978 18492 70786

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