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European communication for yachties

Reeds 9-Language Handbook

reeds-9-language-handbook-web-white_frame.jpgKnown as 'the pocket dictionary for all sailors', this little book is part of a series of guides aimed at leisure yachters, but could also come in handy for professional superyacht crew.

The guide works by showing pictures of things like engine parts and safety equipment, each numbered so you can find the word for that number on the facing page in English, French, Danish, Dutch, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek.

It's simple but effective, and although we might think these days that everything could be looked up on the internet, it makes sense to have all this information in once place if under pressure at the boatyard or chandler.

Reeds 9-Language Handbook
Bloomsbury, £9.99
ISBN: 978 14729 84944

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