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Ocean Fleets, by Allan Ryszka-Onions

book_ocean_fleets_web_white_frame.jpgAs the author says in his opening remarks, Ocean Fleets is the new name for the 18th edition of Ocean Ships, a series that has charted the changing European shipping scene for over 50 years. Now also with a new publisher, the book remains as a kind of encyclopaedia of vessels currently in operation, with all the particulars you'd expect of size, weight, flag state and so on. 

The information is laid out alphabetically by shipping company within two parts: 'Cruise ships'; and 'Cargo vessels and tankers'. Not every vessel is pictured, but the images that are selected are good-quality colour photos.

In addition to the extensive ship listings, there is an informative preface where Allan Ryszka-Onions comments on recent changes in vessel design relating to the IMO 2020 sulphur emission regulations and other moves towards 'greener' fuels.

Ocean Fleets
By Allan Ryszka-Onions
Coastal Shipping Publications
ISBN 978 19137 97003

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