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Supercharge your cargo skills

Supercargo Operations, by Mike Wall

book_supercargo_operations_white_frame_web.jpgMarine surveyor, consultant and educationalist Mike Wall is back with another useful guide aimed at maritime professionals looking to progress their careers.

As Wall explains in his preface, no single person has all knowledge about all cargoes, even among superintendents. However, there are some who have specific knowledge of certain cargoes and are often upon to advise or supervise in particular loading operations. Such a person is often known as a 'supercargo', and Mike Wall's book is here to help you become one.

'If you are working as a marine and/or cargo surveyor and wish to increase your knowledge of the subject,' says Wall, 'you should take advantage of this book by observing what is happening around you, applying what you learn and comparing it with the book content.'

Supercargo Operations: An Introduction
By Mike Wall
Self-published, £112.00
ISBN: 978 61657 75342

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