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Seamanship 2.0, by Mike Westin, Olle Landsell, Nina Olofson, Pär Olofson

This glossy paperback is subtitled 'everything you need to know to get yourself out of trouble atseamanship-20_cover.jpeg sea'. Living up to their promise, the authors deliver vital information on the core skills of seamanship in an easy-to-read manner, making this book a good corrective to digital dependency.

Divided into four sections – seamanship, problem fixing, emergencies and first aid – it covers a range of practical skills; anchoring, taking a bearing, repairing an LPG leak, dealing with a man overboard, putting out a fire in the engine room and much, much more. The authors also discuss 'soft skills' that can be just as vital, like building a cohesive crew.

Novices will find it invaluable, but even skilled veterans will pick up helpful (and potentially lifesaving) hints.

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