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Energy insurance bible could inform a move ashore

Upstream and Offshore Energy Insurance, by David Sharp

Image on landing page: offshore support vessel. Image: Getty

book_upstream_and_offshore_energy_insurance_cover_white_frame.jpgNow in its third edition, Upstream and Offshore Energy Insurance is a massive tome offered at a price which indicates it is for use in libraries rather than for individual purchases.

However, for seafarers thinking of moving into 'City' jobs ashore, it would be worth laying hands on it somehow, as it offers an introduction to the maritime and energy insurance world as well being a work of reference for experienced practitioners.

Use the book to delve into the policies and legalities surrounding oil and gas exploration, production and decommissioning – with the challenges of leaks and pollution also to the fore.

Upstream and Offshore Energy Insurance
By David Sharp
Witherbys, £495.00
ISBN: 978 18560 99059

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