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The Canal Guide: Britain's 55 Best Canals, by Stuart Fisher

the_canal_guide_web.jpgMaritime professionals are often surprisingly enthusiastic about getting out on the water in their free time. For those who fancy the inland waterways for a summer holiday this year, The Canal Guide from nautical imprint Adlard Coles is an attractive guidebook and resource showing off the richness of the UK's heritage.

There are 65,000km of physically navigable waterways in England and Wales alone, but in this updated and expanded edition, author Stuart Fisher cautions readers they may need 'a spirit of adventure' to make full use of the guide. Not all the 55 canals he describes are linked to the rest of the system, and some are physically impassable for many boats or have unusable towpaths.

The guide is, however, intended 'to be engaging for all who travel the canals' – providing a lively background to the history, wildlife, pubs, and nearby attractions of each waterway. Some of them have required more grit than others to navigate throughout the centuries: in 1643, we learn 'Cromwell's soldiers caught a witch sailing down the Kennet on a plank'.

Each chapter features a map, colour photographs and a handy information box covering distance, navigation authority, canal society and places to visit.

The Canal Guide: Britain's 55 Best Canals
By Stuart Fisher
Adlard Coles, £18.99
978 14729 74051

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